27 Nov 2020

VIDEO: Rolls Royce to Provide Neutron Flux Monitoring Systems for New Nuclear Reactors in China

27 Nov 2020  by SteelGuru Business News   
Rolls Royce was awarded a multi-million euros contract by China National Nuclear Corporation to provide the Neutron Flux Monitoring System for two nuclear reactors currently under construction in China. Rolls Royce will provide a complete system using the Spinline digital technology, including ex-core neutron detectors, cables and connections and associated electronic systems, to Zhangzhou 1 and Zhangzhou 2, both of which use the Hualong One HPR1000 reactor design. The system will be designed, manufactured, tested by Rolls-Royce I&C teams based in Grenoble in France. The on-site installation and commissioning will be performed by CNNC, under the supervision of Rolls Royce I&C teams.

The Neutron Flux Monitoring System is a key system for the safety and availability of nuclear reactors, since it measures the neutron flux of the reactor, and thus continuously and instantly monitors its power, the fluctuations of that power, as well as its axial and radial distribution within the reactor.

Rolls Royce is the world leader for digital Neutron Flux Monitoring System, with more than 130 systems installed or chosen for nuclear reactors worldwide, including 42 systems in China.

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