27 Nov 2020

New South Wales Moves Forward with Hydrogen Plans

27 Nov 2020  by Joanna Sampson   

New South Wales (NSW) has taken a step forward with its plans for a green hydrogen industry as the Australian state on Thursday (25th Nov) passed the Electricity Investment Bill.

The bill includes a guaranteed $50m in funding over the next 10 years to develop the green hydrogen energy sector together with low cost renewable energy for the emerging industry.

It states that parts of NSW will be designated renewable energy zones (REZ) allowing new investments in wind and solar projects to be coordinated alongside new investments in transmission network infrastructure.

Australian Hydrogen Council CEO Dr. Fiona Simon welcomed the news,“The Australian Hydrogen Council (AHC) is delighted to see NSW take another step towards improving the affordability, reliability, security and sustainability of NSW electricity supply, and forging ahead with its plan to build a green hydrogen industry.”

“On behalf of the AHC, I welcome the new funding announcement which further demonstrates the NSW Government’s commitment to developing hydrogen technologies that can create jobs and lower emissions.”

“This investment is a step in the right direction not only for the hydrogen industry but towards Australia’s commitment to meeting and beating our emissions reduction targets as well.”

“This bill is an example of how we can harmonise investments in wind and solar projects with new investments in transmission network infrastructure.”

“Important foundations have been laid, and the next step is to do the detailed planning of projects and infrastructure that will turn strategy into reality.”

“The AHC has huge enthusiasm and appetite to develop the hydrogen industry in NSW and look forward to working with NSW Government on the implementation of this.”

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