26 Nov 2020

Doosan Heavy Industries to Verify Green Hydrogen Technologies in Jeju Island

26 Nov 2020  by Jung Min-hee   

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction will build a system to produce hydrogen with wind energy in Jeju Island.

 wind power farm in Dongbok and Bukchon in Jeju Island

The company announced on Nov. 25 that it has signed an agreement with Jeju Energy Corp. to verify green hydrogen production, storage and utilization technologies. Green hydrogen refers to hydrogen that is created with no carbon emissions in the production process. It is the first project in Korea to verify wind power-based full-cycle green hydrogen technologies.

The verification project will take place at the Dongbok and Bukchon wind farms in Jeju Island. Doosan will build a system to make an average of 200 kilograms of hydrogen per day by using 3MW of electricity generated by wind power. This is enough to charge nine hydrogen buses every day. However, Jeju Island does not have a hydrogen charging station yet, so it will take some time to actually use it. The total project cost is about 20 billion won, and the project period is until December 2022.

In this project, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is responsible for the integrated design and management of the entire hydrogen plant, including the production, compression, and storage of hydrogen. It is also responsible for developing an energy management system (EMS), software that controls energy flow. In May, Doosan Heavy told creditors it would restructure itself as a company specializing in eco-friendly energy.

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