18 Nov 2020

Raven SR Hydrogen Production Technology Given the Go-Ahead

18 Nov 2020  by Molly Burgess   

Renewable fuels company Raven SR has completed a third-party engineering review with Lee Enterprises Consulting, validating its technology which produces renewable hydrogen from carbonaceous waste.

With the review complete, Raven SR can now work on the final design and fabrication of its first commercial system to be located in California, converting 50 tonnes per day of mixed waste into hydrogen for the transportation market.

Raven SR has selected Plant Process Group to complete the final engineering and design of the “Raven One” system which will produce up to 5,000kg/day of hydrogen.

In a statement released yesterday (16th Nov), Raven SR said it hopes the first project will be operational before the end of next year.

Matt Murdock, Raven SR founder and CEO, said, “We are delighted with the outcome of Lee Enterprises’ report. The goal of our patented technology is to convert mixed waste into useful fuels in the most efficient and clean manner possible, and this third-party report confirms what we’ve worked so hard towards.”

“Raven SR is on track to commence production and sale of renewable hydrogen from its first production facility in the San Francisco Bay area in 2021. We are very close to bringing to reality a non-combustion process that will convert MSW into renewable hydrogen and synthetic Fischer Tropsch fuels, solving two problems at once.”

“We are strengthening our strategic partnerships within the biofuels industry with end-users committing to purchase our fuel and expanding the hydrogen infrastructure, as well as exploring partnerships with waste sources to expand our raw materials base.”

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