Wind Power

12 Nov 2020

Toshiba Unveils 'State-of-the-Art' Wind Turbine Plan

12 Nov 2020  by   

Japanese multinational Toshiba is developing what it calls a “state-of-the-art” wind turbine and has a signalled a move into the offshore wind market.

[Image: Toshiba]

The company said during a presentation of its second quarter 2020 financial year results that it is planning domestic production of a turbine, without giving any further details.

Toshiba added that it is also “preparing a bid for offshore wind power”.

It also said that the company is expanding its renewables offering and targeting a three-fold increase over 10 years.

Toshiba said that by FY2030 its renewables investment would be ¥650bn (€5.2bn) up from ¥190bn last year.

The company is also active in the solar, hydro and geothermal markets.

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