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11 Nov 2020

Shanghai Electric Is Welding Boiler Of Thar Coal Block-1 2x660MW Power Plant Project

11 Nov 2020  by   

Shanghai Electric, a world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of electric power generation equipment, industrial equipment and integration services, has reached another milestone with the start of the soldering process of the heating surface of a boiler of Thar Coal Block-1 2x660MW Power Plant Project in Pakistan.

The Company also held a soldering competition among welders to encourage and empower local workers to demonstrate their professional expertise under the guidance spirit of pursuing perfection.

A soldering contest with a total number of 8 Chinese and Pakistani welders on-site was conducted as part of the ongoing training, and the top three places were taken by a Chinese welder and two Pakistani welders.

"We're glad to see our welders accomplish difficult soldering tasks in the contest, and we see this as a part of our ongoing training for workers to deliver quality results," Qian Xiaolei, PR Manager of the project, said.

The participants were required to complete multiple missions within 40 minutes, including tasks such as switching welding machines, welding debugging, plate splicing and plate vertical welding. The participants were evaluated by 12 key aspects such as weld forming, weld residual height, width difference, angular deformation and root forming, which is in line with international welding regulations.

The Project has entered the stage of equipment installation as the Company began the soldering process of the heating surface of the boiler.

The contest comes as Shanghai Electric further builds its presence in Pakistan. The Company has overcome challenges in constructing the project as the industrial environment in Pakistan is less developed and the supply of equipment and construction materials were lacking amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

To ensure a smooth construction process, the Company actively coordinated personnel and supplies, and flew a team of installation professionals to the site.

The team carefully checked the conditions of the construction, planned the heating surface installation, and ensured welders are qualified to conduct such work. After thorough evaluation, Shanghai Electric successfully carried out the soldering work of the unit 1 boiler with 29 welded junctions of The Project, that is qualified for use.

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