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11 Nov 2020

"Hualong One" Obtained the Certification Issued by the European EUR Organization!

11 Nov 2020  by World-Energy   

The reporter learned from China General Nuclear Power Group on the 10th that the third-generation nuclear power technology "Hualong One" with my country's independent intellectual property rights has passed the conformity assessment required by European users and obtained the certification issued by the EUR organization.

According to reports, the EUR organization is composed of 14 large European power companies from France, the Czech Republic, Finland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, Turkey and other countries. The nuclear power technology in the market formulates a set of general user requirements documents that meet the European nuclear power safety, economic and environmental requirements, and is responsible for organizing experts to review and certify compliance with the EUR requirements for nuclear power technologies that may enter the European market. The owner conducts overall technical checks. The EUR document covers more than 5,000 requirements for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of nuclear power plants, including safety, performance, systems and equipment, layout, instrumentation, operation and maintenance, environmental protection, and decommissioning.

Obtaining the results of the EUR certification means that the design of "Hualong One" meets the latest European nuclear power regulatory requirements, and its technological advancement and maturity have been fully recognized, creating important conditions for further entry into the European power market.

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