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11 Nov 2020

New 16MW Gas Plant Nears Completion in Myanmar

11 Nov 2020  by Asian-Power   

Cummins DKSH Myanmar has supplied eight 2000kW QSV91G lean-burn gas generators for the project.

Cummins Inc. has revealed the installation of Cummins QSV91G lean-burn gas generators at a new 16MW power plant in Dawei, Myanmar.

The Myanmar government has tapped into Petro & Trans Co to construct a 16MW gas-powered plant in the south-eastern city of Dawei. To help with the development of the project, the energy provider has chosen Cummins DKSH Myanmar (CDM) for its generators.

CDM has supplied the plant with eight Cummins 2000kW QSV91G lean-burn gas generators, as well as ongoing support throughout the project’s duration.

“To complete the generators’ installation, standard controls were embedded within each generator model to support in monitoring the generators’ performance,” said Cummins in a press release.

“Additionally, CDM provided support for the design, installation and commissioning of all Balance of Plant items, such as radiators, gas trains and exhaust silencers, to ensure the gas generators maintain a reliable performance no matter the site’s weather conditions.”

The 16MW power plant has been built in two phases, with the plant build and installation phase commencing in January 2020 and the first 8MW being installed within five months. The remaining 8MW are scheduled for commissioning before the end of this year.

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