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05 Nov 2020

Paraguay’s ANDE Invests in Distribution Transformers Upgrade

05 Nov 2020  by   

Paraguay’s national electricity utility, ANDE, has acquired 7,200 new distribution transformers to increase the power availability of Paraguay’s electricity system.

The 7,200 100kVA three-phase distribution transformers were acquired in a single bidding process for simultaneous supply for reasons of economy and efficiency. It was considered that a single supplier would be unable to deliver the total number in a timely manner.

The total project investment is PYG85.7 billion (US$12.2 million), which is funded out of ANDE’s budget. The three suppliers are Trafosur which will provide 3,600 units, Transformadores Paraguayos which will supply 2,160 units and Consortium Arapoty Transformadores which is to supply 1,440 units.

“The new transformers will allow us to increase the availability of power in the Paraguayan distribution system in order to accompany the growth in demand for electricity at the national level,” said ANDE chief Félix Sosa at the announcement.

During 2019 ANDE installed 4,045 new transformers and aims to install a further 4,500 units during 2020, of which about three-quarters are now in place, according to a statement.

The previous annual installation rate was about 2,600 units. The aim is to accelerate the installation with a target of 21,000 new transformers over the next three years.

The statement notes that the three suppliers are part of the national industry and that the tender award supports the further social and economic development of the industry.

“The award is good news for the industry and for the country,” said Gustavo Volpe, president of the Paraguayan Industrial Union. “It will improve the electricity service, which is strategic for the development of the country.”

ANDE is Paraguay’s national electricity utility with responsibility for generation, transmission and distribution.

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