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30 Oct 2020

Ideol Strikes Floater Pact with Swedish Fabricator

30 Oct 2020  by   

Ideol has signed an agreement with Sweden-based Bygging Uddemann (BYUM) for the delivery of its concrete floaters for offshore wind.

[Image: Ideol BYUM]

BYUM will deploy its knowhow in serial production of concrete structures to fabricate the floating offshore wind platforms based on Ideol’s design.

Ideol CEO Paul de la Gueriviere said: “Developers and financiers require strong evidence of on-time and on-budget delivery before committing the billions required to build and operate offshore wind assets.

“This collaboration will enable us to offer such reliability for one of the preferred serial construction methods our teams have identified and optimised to meet tomorrow’s project needs.”

He said Ideol was “very pleased” to team up with BYUM.

BYUM CEO Henrik Magnusson added: “When we studied the numbers of floating offshore wind to be constructed within the next 10-15 years, and the option of making these floating structures in concrete, we realised a new potential application for our established and well proven Gantry Slipform production set-up.

“The perfect match came around when Ideol presented their patented ‘Damping Pool’ concrete solution.

“The scale and size of their concrete floater design fits perfectly with our Gantry Slipform set-up. As strategic partners, with our combined international experience and knowhow, we are very confident that we have the best on-time and on-budget package available on the market.”

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