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15 Oct 2020

Rhode Island Launches $1.5M Energy Storage Incentive Program

15 Oct 2020  by Dave Kovaleski   

The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources (OER) is launching a $1.5 million pilot program to provide energy storage incentives paired with renewable energy systems.

“Energy storage is an exciting technology that can help the state meet its clean energy goals,” Nicholas Ucci, state energy commissioner, said. “Electric storage can help match the timing of renewable energy generation with when we need electricity the most. These technologies can also enhance grid resiliency for Rhode Islanders, such as keeping the lights on and critical systems functioning during power outages. This pilot incentive program will provide valuable data and insight on future energy storage growth in the Rhode Island marketplace.”

State officials explain that both residential and commercial projects are eligible for this program. To qualify, all proposed energy storage systems must be paired with a new renewable installation. They must also meet the technical requirements of National Grid’s demand response program, called ConnectedSolutions. This will help ensure that all systems have the capability to participate in demand reductions during peak events and help reduce energy costs for Rhode Island electric customers.

The incentive program is being made available through Rhode Island Commerce’s Renewable Energy Fund. Incentives will be made available in four rounds between now and May 2021.

The initiative is the state’s latest effort to foster a clean and reliable energy system for all Rhode Island residents. In January, Gov. Gina Raimondo signed an executive order committing Rhode Island to meet 100 percent of its electricity demand with renewables by the end of the decade.

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