14 Oct 2020

Toyota REXH2 Fuel Cell Module Successfully Tested on Boat Over more than 7,000 Nautical Miles

14 Oct 2020  by   
The REXH2 is a modular maritime hydrogen power solution developed around Toyota’s fuel cell technology. It has been succesfully tested in real open sea conditions aboard the Energy Observer boat for over more than 7,000 nautical miles including trans-Atlantic crossings.

The hydrogen-electric hybrid technology in the REXH2 makes silent maritime and river mobility without emissions of CO2 or fine particles possible.

Energy Observer Developments (EODev) presented this REXH2 in the HYNOVA 40, a 12m boat from HYNOVA Yachts, which can be used as a day-boat or a superyacht tender. While the Energy Observer boat’s main propulsion comes from electricity directly generated from sun and wind, the HYNOVA Yacht is a battery electric boat, supplemented with the Hydrogen Range Extender with the Toyota fuel cell at its core.

TME FC Module in Hynova via EOD

With a capacity of 12 passengers, it is the first pleasure boat equipped with fuel cell technolgy and brings zero emissions, hydrogen-electric hybrid technology to the wider maritime industry.

The Toyota Fuel Cell Module inside the REXH2 delivers up to 60 kW rated net power and is based on the existing fuel cell technology from the Toyota Mirai. The R&D carried out by the EODev and Toyota teams has made it possible to perfectly adapt the technology to the challenging conditions of the marine environment.

Toyota is integrating its fuel cell technology into a wide variety of applications including buses, trucks, generators and boats.

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