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13 Oct 2020

The 16th China Beijing International Exhibition of Power Transmission and Control Technology

13 Oct 2020   
Time 2021-06-28 - 2021-06-30
Organizer Beijing Huayan Exhibition Co. Ltd.
Place China International Exhibition Center(CIEC)
Industry Others  
Tel 13811235249

The 16th China Beijing)international exhibition of power transmission and control technology In 2021

Date :28-30,June, 2021 Venue: China International Exhibition Center(CIEC)


The convergence of intelligent industries drives manufacturing in the future

Exhibition areas: Mechanical Drive, Electric Drive, Fluid Drive, Motion, Compressors (covering the whole drive field)

The invitation

★Hosted by:

China Assocition of plant Engineering

China Mechanical and Electrical Products Circulation Association (CMEPCA)

Zhonggong intelligent technology co., LTD.

★Organizational units:

Jinghe exhibition (Beijing) co. LTD

Beijing Huayan Exhibition Co. Ltd.

The contact: Manager li 13811235249 With micro letter

★Special units:

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People's Republic of China; Ministry of Science and Technology of People's Republic of China; European Mechanical Drive Industry Association

American power transmission suppliers; German Mechanical Drive Association; Ministry of Commerce of Czech

Italian Association of Gear and Transmission Parts; American UTN Company

【The exhibition profiles】

The 16th China Beijing international power transmission and control technology exhibition (PTCBj) will be held in Beijing, China international exhibition center on June 28-30, 2021 solstice. China Beijing international power transmission and control technology exhibition was founded in 2005, is the industry meeting of transmission control field, the annual industry event, held in Beijing every June, has successfully held 15 sessions, has been regarded as the international feast by domestic and foreign transmission control manufacturers and related service providers.

PTCBJ Beijing China international exhibition of power transmission and control technology to cover important areas in several sectors, mechanical and electrical drive, fluid drive and control, mechanical parts, air compressor, fasteners, springs, bearings, internal combustion engines and gas turbine power equipment and power generation unit, etc., to China's rapid growth and increasingly sophisticated manufacturing industry to provide advanced products and solutions of keeping pace with The Times, bring huge Chinese market global procurement, is an excellent platform to international marketing.

"China 2025" and "industry 4.0 revolution" are leading the world's industrial development. Power transmission and control technology, industrial automation technology and intelligent technology are becoming the forefront of the new technological revolution. It has become the main force to save labor cost, improve labor efficiency, and complete high-intensity and high-precision tasks, promoting the rapid development of transmission control technology.

As a new rising power, China's machinery industry is catching up with the world's advanced level. Power transmission and control technology is one of the core technologies of industrial automation. China has a huge market demand for power transmission and control technology and equipment. It is reported that the output value of the world intelligent equipment market has exceeded 100 billion dollars, and "intelligent manufacturing industry" will become the leading force leading the global industrial development in the next 20 years. China's industrial machinery and equipment market has accounted for one fifth of the global total, and has become the world's largest buyer of mechanical transmission, electrical transmission, compressor and transmission control equipment.

In order to promote the communication and cooperation between China and the world in power transmission and control technology, and share the development opportunities for mutual benefit and win-win situation, the 16th China Beijing international power transmission and control technology exhibition will continue to be held at China international exhibition center in Beijing from June 28 to 30. We will help the industry explore unlimited business opportunities brought by the "made in China 2025" strategy.

★The schedule

Check in and exhibition arrangement: 26-27 June 2021(09:00-17:00)

Opening ceremony: 28June 2021(09:30)

Exhibition period: 28-30 June 2021 (09:00-17:00)

Closing time: 30June 2021(16:00)

★The exhibition reason

1. Exhibition long-term foothold in China's important industrial base in north China,, dig beijing-tianjin-hebei regional leading industry companies, domestic numerous industry, including automotive, machinery manufacturing, rail transportation, energy, electric power, machine tools, metallurgy, petrochemical, aerospace, biological medicine, food and beverage industry, packaging and printing, etc.

2. In the exhibition, there will be more than 180 enterprises in the field of power transmission control, which will be the pioneer enterprises in the field of intelligent manufacturing industry. The proportion of international enterprises participating in the exhibition will be as high as 35%.Every year, nearly 70,000 professional buyers are attracted to the site to visit and purchase.

3. Held intelligent manufacturing conference for many years and held many seminars, peak BBS and buyer matching activities during the same period.

4. The on-site AD hoc "industry 4.0 zone" will be led by the automation top enterprises and research institutes that propose and practice "industry 4.0" to display different "industrial 4.0" in kind or model.

5. CCTV, xinhua news agency, China news agency, China industry news, China trade news, and new media official website WeChat weibo a combination of multiple platforms such as help the exhibitors to product promotion at the same time.

6. Believe that through the international power transmission and control technology exhibition in Beijing, China (PTCBJ) the leading manufacturing base parts the latest policy trends, international display platform, the exhibitors can in a more quick and efficient way to establish and maintain customer relationship, to acquire new sales sales channels, expand and promote new product publicity, establish higher corporate brand image in order to further enhance the market competitiveness.

★Exhibits range:

1, fluid power systems and components: hydraulic technology, hydraulic and pneumatic technology, rubber seal technology, mechanical and stuffing static seal technology, related equipment and testing instruments, the transmission medium, the hydraulic system components, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, seal technology and equipment, etc

2, air compressor, all kinds of air compressor and compressed purification equipment such as filters, compressed air post-processing equipment, accumulator, etc.

3, mechanical transmission components: used for mechanical transmission of machine parts, gear box, connecting shaft, clutch, brake system, belt transmission, chain, sprocket and chain plate, change gear components, transmission, reducer, gear components, steering system and steering shaft, gear parts, rolling bearing, sliding bearing.

4, electricity transmission, motor, servo motor and converter, small motor, converter, electric power transmission system and the technology to use components, transformers, batteries and uninterrupted power supply, drive and mechanical drive system, electric wire and cable accessories, electrical control system with electrical switch gear and equipment, electrical, and electronic components, electrical, electrical testing and inspection equipment.

5, power equipment and generators: diesel engine, gasoline engine, motor, etc.; All kinds of generator set and mobile power station; Other standby power, generator control system, instrumentation and related spare parts, etc.

★Technical Exchange:

During the exhibition, the organizing committee will assist the exhibitors to hold technical exchange lectures in the meeting rooms of the exhibition center, the content of the lecture can be determined by the exhibitor. Number of the audience for each lecture is 60-80, which shall be invited by the exhibitor and co-organized by the organizing committee. The subject of the lecture, main content and the name of keynote speaker shall be reported to the committee before 28 April 2021. The number of lectures is limited, and such service will be terminated when all the lectures are booked. Duration of each lecture is 70 minutes and each will cost 30,000.00 CNY.


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