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13 Oct 2020

The 10th China Beijing Robot Exhibition in 2021

13 Oct 2020   
Time 2021-06-28 - 2021-06-30
Organizer Beijing Huayan Exhibition Co. Ltd.
Place China International Exhibition Center(CIEC)
Industry Others  
Tel 13811235249

The 10th China Beijing robot exhibition in 2021

Date:28-30,June, 2021 Venue: China International Exhibition Center(CIEC)

To guide the unit:

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People's Republic of China; Ministry of Science and Technology of People's Republic of China; European Mechanical Drive Industry Association

Overseas support unit:

RIA VDMA robotics and Automation Association

International robotics Association (IFR) Japan robotics Association (Jara) Korea robotics Association (Kar)

Taiwan Intelligent Automation and robotics Association (tairoa)

VDMA, innoecho, FranceHosted by:

China Assocition of plant Engineering

China Mechanical and Electrical Products Circulation Association (CMEPCA)

Zhonggong intelligent technology co., LTD.

Organizational units:

Jinghe exhibition (Beijing) co. LTD

Beijing Huayan Exhibition Co. Ltd.

The contact: Manager li 13811235249 With micro letter

Overview of the exhibition:

The 10th China national robot exhibition (CRS BEIJING) will be held at the China international exhibition center in BEIJING on June 28, 2021 solstice. Founded in 2011, this exhibition is not only a regular meeting of the industry in the field of intelligent robots, but also a grand gathering of the annual leaders in the field of robotics. Held in Beijing in June every year, it has successfully held nine sessions, which has been regarded as an international feast by domestic and foreign intelligent robot manufacturers and related service providers.

CRS BEIJING is national, international and professional intelligent robot, the exhibition is a professional exhibition scale among Asia Pacific region, robots, robot is the world's smart brand shortcut to enter the Chinese market, China's robot intelligence brand strength an important window to show the world, is the intelligent robot booster of enterprise brand promotion and channel development, is a important way of spreading new robot intelligence market. On the platform of robot intelligence exhibition, various industrial robots, service robots, intelligent cars, VR technology and other comprehensive robot intelligence industries are gathered.

The exhibition theme of "innovation power fusion" on China's manufacturing and industrial 4.0 and 2025 countries "area" strategy, focusing on the artificial intelligence and robotics equipment new achievements, the exhibition brings together the world's most advanced robots and intelligent technology and equipment, for the domestic and foreign manufacturers and buyers structures, business negotiation and academic exchange platform.

After JiuYu years, CRS BEIJING's international status and influence, the exhibition has become the international advanced robot and intelligent technology exchange and trade important place, to become the platform of the display of the latest achievements and intelligent technology, is China's robot and intelligent recognition and intelligent industrial technological progress and human development of vane and barometer. CRS BEIJING is a collection of the world's most advanced and applicable modern robots and intelligent technology products. For domestic buyers and users, CRS BEIJING is an international inspection within China.

Exhibition with the xinhua news agency, People's Daily, CCTV, China Daily, China's industrial control network, control engineering, mechanical and electronic business Asia, CNC machine tool market, mechanical and electrical and control applications, China automation network, China automatic control network, the Chinese this network, intelligent manufacturing, industrial robot, automation application acquired, sina, sohu, such as People's Daily online nearly thousand media coverage at home and abroad.

The 10th China international robot exhibition (CRS BEIJING) will continue to be held in China international exhibition center from June 28 to 30, 2021.

★The schedule

Check in and exhibition arrangement: 26-27 June 2021(09:00-17:00)

Opening ceremony: 28June 2021(09:30)

Exhibition period: 28-30June 2021 (09:00-17:00)

Closing time: 30June 2021(16:00)

★Exhibition Scope

Industrial robot

◎When industrial robot ontology: many degrees of freedom robot, parallel robot, coordinate robot, truss manipulator, power manipulator. ◎When industrial robot application products and solutions (plane and integrated application) : for welding, spraying, coating, stacking, handling, assembly, testing, sorting, packaging and other applications in the field of industrial robot products and solutions; In automotive, electronics, food, medicine, logistics, ceramics, glass, plastic, metal, brick and tile, casting, chemical, textile, leather, aerospace, machine tool industry solutions. ◎When industrial robot technology development platform and software: the operating system, development platform, simulation technology, testing technology and equipment, application software. ◎When industrial robot features and parts: servo system, teaching device, motor, reducer, controller, sensors, machine vision systems, embedded systems, machine hand claw, special tools and jigs.◎ When automatic car and rail car: AGV, and rail cars.

Service robot

◎Does education robot◎Home service robot◎When entertainment robot◎When underwater robot

◎Military security robot◎Does medical robot◎Environmental protection cleaning robot

◎Does the bionic robot◎Relevant scientific research institutions, industrial park

With the Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Crs BEIJING-2021 cannot be missed,region important robot service providers and enterprises face to face contact!

To enter the world-class manufacturing assembly base as one of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei markets.

In the face of the Belt and Road (B&R) to extend the country's emerging business decision-makers

Reception invited professional buyers group, with the company's technical and engineering staff exchanges

Contact thousands of professional buyers from around the world

Get acquainted with leaders from the world's leading industry associations

Meet with top media and publishers in the industry

★ The audience group

I.the organizers issued by the relevant documents reported to the provincial government departments concerned, to around the city, the engineering design and research institute and machinery manufacturers, automobile, electronics, food, medicine, logistics, ceramics, glass, plastic, metal, brick and tile, casting, chemical, textile, leather industry, aerospace, machine tools, and other enterprises, will invite the organizational unit leader, technical personnel, procurement staff to visit procurement.

mass media, II.professional magazines, portal websites at home and abroad more than 300 media, such as all-round promotion of the exhibition;

III、combined the national association of related, mutual promotion, distributing 500000 exhibition newspaper and invitation to the whole country and overseas areas;

Ⅳ、with foreign institutions, embassy in China, such as cooperation, organizing overseas buyers to here to visit; In the domestic and foreign large academic conferences, symposium promotion;

Ⅴ、 set up a "professional audience buyers' database, strengthen the visit to contact, expanding effective, high quality, professional audience organization work;

Ⅵ、other related institutions: newspapers, magazines, TV, websites, foreign embassies and consulates in China and business organizations, etc.

Ⅶ、the exhibition has been with Japan, Germany, France, the United States, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea, Taiwan, become the strategic alliance robot exhibition, resource sharing, the purchaser.

Ⅷ、The 10th China Beijing International Robot Exhibition (CRS BEIJING) is an international display platform that leads the development trend of robots and intelligence products as well as the latest policy. And we believe that, in this exhibition, the exhibitors will be able to establish and maintain good relationships with customers, obtain new sales channels, expand and promote the publicity of new products, and then establish a higher brand image so as to further enhance their market competitiveness.

Ⅸ、The Exhibition Purchasing Promotion Department of Beijing Huamaolian Exhibition Co., Ltd provides exhibitors with customized "One-to-One" services, and we will try our best to understand the needs of each exhibitor, determine the objectives of the professional visitors, find buyers for each exhibitor in a timely manner, and enable buyers and exhibitors to achieve the aims of participating in the exhibition. We strive for practical results to make you satisfied.

★echnical Exchange:

During the exhibition, the organizing committee will assist the exhibitors to hold technical exchange lectures in the meeting rooms of the exhibition center, the content of the lecture can be determined by the exhibitor. Number of the audience for each lecture is 60-80, which shall be invited by the exhibitor and co-organized by the organizing committee. The subject of the lecture, main content and the name of keynote speaker shall be reported to the committee before 28 April 2021 The number of lectures is limited, and such service will be terminated when all the lectures are booked. Duration of each lecture is 60 minutes and each will cost 30,000.00 CNY.


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