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13 Oct 2020

2021 16th Beijing International Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Automation Exhibition

13 Oct 2020   
Time 2021-06-28 - 2021-06-30
Organizer Beijing Huayan Exhibition Co. Ltd.
Place China International Exhibition Center(CIEC)
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Tel 13811235249,18500732017
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The convergence of intelligent industries drives manufacturing in the future

2021 16th Beijing International Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Automation Exhibition

Date:28-30,June, 2021 Venue: China International Exhibition Center(CIEC)

The invitation

The organizer

China Assocition of plant Engineering

China Mechanical and Electrical Products Circulation Association (CMEPCA)

Zhonggong intelligent technology co., LTD.

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To undertake unit

Jinghe exhibition (Beijing) co. LTD

Beijing Huayan Exhibition Co. Ltd.

The contact Manager li 13811235249 With micro letter

International cooperation:

Federation of German machinery and equipment manufacturing

IFR international federation of robots

Japan robot industry association (JARA)

German machinery and equipment manufacturing federation (VDMA)

Korea robotics industry association (KAR)

American robotics association (RIA)

Taiwan intelligent automation and robotics association (TAIROA)

France international robotics industry development and consulting company

Journal industry news agency

The exhibition profiles

Made in China 2025 explicitly proposes to select ten key areas for breakthroughs, among which high-end CNC machine tools, robots and intelligent industries have a core position. Industry 4.0 is the inevitable trend of the combined development of manufacturing and information technology, realizing the transformation from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" and then to "creation". With the continuous progress in the fields of informatization and intelligent industry, Chinese enterprises are full of vitality in innovation, and the strength of intelligent industry cannot be underestimated. From aircraft, high-speed railway and nuclear power in traditional industries, to industrial intelligence, digital technology, modern intelligent factories and high-end manufacturing in emerging fields, the strength of intelligent industry is developing steadily.

The 16th China international industrial automation exhibition (AIAE BEIJING) will be held at China international exhibition center in BEIJING on June 28, 2021 solstice. Founded in 2005, this exhibition is not only a regular meeting of the industry in the field of industrial intelligence and automation, but also a grand gathering of the annual leaders in the field of industrial intelligence and automation. Held in Beijing every June, it has successfully held 15 sessions, which has been regarded as an international feast by domestic and foreign intelligent industry and automation manufacturers and related service providers.

AIAE Beijing China international exhibition on industrial automation covering important areas in several sectors, including robot, image technology, sensors, industrial measurement, connection system, drive and mechanical drive system and control technology, etc., for China's rapid growth and increasingly sophisticated manufacturing solution of keeping pace with The Times, is an ideal trading platform to develop huge Chinese market.

The 16th 2021 China (BEIJING) international exhibition of industrial automation (AIAE BEIJING) is a national, international, professional automation exhibition, is the asia-pacific region's largest and most authoritative automation event, is a shortcut to the global automation brand to enter the Chinese market, Chinese brand is an important window to show the world power automation, in automation and robot exhibition platform brings together all kinds of industrial automation, industrial robot, the smart car, VR technology comprehensive industrial intelligent automation industry, is an industrial automation corporate branding and channels to expand the booster, An important channel to spread new automation and robotics markets.

Exhibition with the xinhua news agency, People's Daily, CCTV, China Daily, China's industrial control network, control engineering, mechanical and electronic business Asia, CNC machine tool market, mechanical and electrical and control applications, China automation network, China automatic control network, the Chinese this network, intelligent manufacturing, industrial robot, automation application acquired, sina, sohu, such as People's Daily online nearly thousand media coverage at home and abroad.

The 16th China BEIJING international industrial automation exhibition (AIAE BEIJING) will continue in BEIJING from June 28 to 30, 2021. China international exhibition center (no. 6, north sanhuan east road, chaoyang district). You are welcome to visit the exhibition then!

Face to face contact with important manufacturers and enterprises in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, AIAE2021 is not to be missed!

Integrate with the international market, promote industrial upgrading, cooperation and innovation, and common development

To communicate with your customers will directly ⾯ mixer, understanding of manufacturing equipment and intelligent industrial development needs, provide customized services to enterprises;

Development of new business partners, complementary technology, information exchange, joint together, expand the item ⽬ market;

Show enterprise of new products, new technology, shaping the brand image, expand enterprise and product market influence ⼒;

◆ share buyers' resources and develop professional buyers with the help of various activities held at the same time;

Pieces by participating in BBS meeting ⾏ industry ⾼ end, professional and technical seminars, understanding of manufacturing equipment and intelligent industrial development trend and hotspot technology, promote the enterprise change ⾰ innovation, transformation and upgrading of help;

In pieces to provide professional media interview reports and the all push service, improve enterprise well-knownness, depth excavation potential customers for you;

1.Based on the important industrial bases in China, the exhibition will dig into many leading industrial enterprises in Beijing, tianjin and hebei, including automobile, machinery manufacturing, rail transit, energy and power, machine tools, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, aerospace, biomedicine, food and beverage, packaging and printing and other industries.

2.More than 360 pioneer enterprises in the field of automation will gather at the exhibition site to demonstrate intelligent manufacturing solutions. International enterprises account for more than 35% of the exhibition. Every year, it attracts nearly 80,000 professional buyers to visit and purchase on site.

3.Hold intelligent manufacturing conference at the same time for many years, hold several seminars, BBS summit and buyer matching activities at the same time in the exhibition.

4.An "industry 4.0 zone" will be set up on site, which will be led by the top automation enterprises and research institutes that propose and practice "industry 4.0" and display different "industry 4.0" in real objects or models.

5.Believe that through the international industrial automation exhibition in Beijing, China (AIAE) is the leading manufacturing industry development trend and the latest policy issued by international display platform, the exhibitors can in a more quick and efficient way to establish and maintain customer relationship, to acquire new sales sales channels, expand and promote new product publicity, establish higher corporate brand image in order to further enhance the market competitiveness.

The schedule

Check in and exhibition arrangement: 26-27 June 2021(09:00-17:00)

Opening ceremony: 28June 2021(09:30)

Exhibition period: 28-30June 2021 (09:00-17:00)

Closing time: 30June 2021(16:00)

Exhibits range:

A. well-known enterprises, key technologies and core products in the field of intelligent manufacturing;

Industrial robots, high-end equipment, CNC machine tools, intelligent manufacturing overall solutions;

B.intelligent equipment and industrial robots

Industrial robot and parts, spraying robot, stacking robot, handling robot, assembly robot, laser, welding robot, rectangular coordinate robot, robot integration application, overall solution, high-end CNC system, etc.

C. intelligent control system

Control system, PLC, SCADA, sensor and actuator, servo motor, connector, human-machine interface, sports servo, chassis, embedded, industrial power supply, power electrician, wire and cable accessories, electrical equipment, process and energy automation system;

D. mechanical transmission system

Hydraulic, pneumatic, fluid transmission and components, mechanical transmission components and components, sliding and rolling bearings, gear motors, linear technology and sealing technology;

E. machine vision

Intelligent camera, industrial lens, board card, accessories, light source, software package, machine vision integration, machine vision accessories, industrial measurement, instrumentation, flowmeter, test and AQI, visual inspection equipment;

Industrial robot intelligent automobile VR technology industrial Internet, industrial software, artificial intelligence, integrated circuit, Internet of things, 5G, etc.

echnical Exchange:

During the exhibition, the organizing committee will assist the exhibitors to hold technical exchange lectures in the meeting rooms of the exhibition center, the content of the lecture can be determined by the exhibitor. Number of the audience for each lecture is 60-80, which shall be invited by the exhibitor and co-organized by the organizing committee. The subject of the lecture, main content and the name of keynote speaker shall be reported to the committee before 28 April 2021 The number of lectures is limited, and such service will be terminated when all the lectures are booked. Duration of each lecture is 60 minutes and each will cost 30,000.00 CNY.


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