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13 Oct 2020

2021 16th China Beijing International Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry Exhibition

13 Oct 2020   
Time 2021-06-28 - 2021-06-30
Organizer Beijing Huayan Exhibition Co. Ltd.
Place China International Exhibition Center(CIEC)
Industry Others  
Tel 13811235249,13621382017

16th China Beijing International Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry Exhibition, 2021

Date:28-30,June, 2021 Venue: China International Exhibition Center(CIEC)

The convergence of intelligent industries drives manufacturing in the future

The invitation

The organizer :

China Assocition of plant Engineering

China Mechanical and Electrical Products Circulation Association (CMEPCA)

Zhonggong intelligent technology co., LTD.

Jinghe exhibition (Beijing) co. LTD

Beijing Huayan Exhibition Co. Ltd.

Official Web site:

The contact : Manager li 13811235249 With micro letter

Overview of the exhibition:

Made in China 2025 explicitly proposes to select ten key areas for breakthroughs, among which high-end CNC machine tools, robots and intelligent industries have a core position. Industry 4.0 is the inevitable trend of the combined development of manufacturing and information technology, realizing the transformation from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" and then to "creation". With the continuous progress in the fields of informatization and intelligent industry, Chinese enterprises are full of vitality in innovation, and the strength of intelligent industry cannot be underestimated. From aircraft, high-speed railway and nuclear power in traditional industries, to industrial intelligence, digital technology, modern intelligent factories and high-end manufacturing in emerging fields, the strength of intelligent industry is developing steadily.

The 16th Asia Intellect 2021 will fit in at the China international exhibition center in Beijing on June 28, 2021. Founded in 2005, this exhibition is not only a regular meeting of the industry in the field of industrial intelligence, but also a grand gathering of the annual leaders in the field of industrial intelligence. Held in Beijing every June, it has successfully held 15 sessions, which has been regarded as an international feast by domestic and foreign intelligent industrial manufacturers and related service providers.

Asia Intellect international intelligent manufacturing equipment exhibition covers important areas in several sectors, including robot, image technology, sensors, industrial measurement, connection system, drive and mechanical drive system and control technology, etc., for China's rapid growth and increasingly sophisticated manufacturing solution of keeping pace with The Times, is conducive to the exhibitors exchange new technology, new products, promote the trade, expand enterprise influence, is an ideal trading platform to develop huge Chinese market.

The 16th international intelligent manufacturing equipment exhibition (2021) (Asia Intellect) is a national event, internationalization and specialization of the industry, is the world's intelligent industrial brand shortcut to enter the Chinese market, manufacturing equipment, intelligent manufacturing automation brand in China an important window to show the world power, in the platform of intelligent manufacturing equipment and intelligent exhibition brings together all kinds of intelligent industry, high-end manufacturing equipment, automation, industrial robots, intelligent car, VR technology integrated intelligent industry, industrial intelligence, manufacturing equipment enterprise brand promotion and channel development booster, An important channel to spread new intelligent industrial equipment and manufacturing equipment market.

【 The last review 】

The 15th China Beijing international intelligent manufacturing equipment industry exhibition was successfully held at the China international exhibition center on June 12, solstice, 14. The exhibition successfully attracted nearly 1000 enterprises from many countries and regions around the world. Owned CNC machine tool research institute, Beijing, guangzhou, okawa heavy industries, south China university of technology, photoelectric, ABB South Korea M2I macros, omron, bond laser, Taiwan, ningbo east force, three European machinery, Emerson, the SEW, hedman machine, high precision numerical control, easy to forging precision machinery, qinchuan tools, machine tool motors, bond ASSIOT ASSIOT, Fuji electric, Siemens, schneider electric, electronic, British witten into couplet, the automatic precision engineering, roma precision fixture, method of CNC machinery, a large number of tuned poems letter precision science and technology and so on long-term cooperation of well-known exhibitors, the exhibition attracted 128200 professional visitors, With 95% of professional visitors, it is an industry event with high growth scale and good effect.

Why participation

Connect to the international market, promote industrial upgrading, cooperation and innovation, and common development

To communicate with your customers will directly ⾯ mixer, understanding of manufacturing equipment and intelligent industrial development needs, provide customized services to enterprises;

Development of new business partners, complementary technology, information exchange, joint together, expand the item ⽬ market;

Show enterprise of new products, new technology, shaping the brand image, expand enterprise and product market influence ;

share buyers' resources and develop professional buyers with the help of various activities held at the same time;

By participating in BBS meeting ⾏ industry ⾼ end, professional and technical seminars, understanding of manufacturing equipment and intelligent industrial development trend and hotspot technology, promote the enterprise change ⾰ innovation, transformation and upgrading of help;

Provide professional media interview reports and the all ⽅ push ⼴ service, improve enterprise well-knownness, depth excavation potential customers for you;

Through the exhibition contact communication with the investment and financing institutions, for the enterprise to create financing opportunities, solve the problem of the development of the enterprise venture;

The schedule

Check in and exhibition arrangement: 26-27 June 2021(09:00-17:00)

Opening ceremony: 28June 2021(09:30)

Exhibition period: 28-30June 2021 (09:00-17:00)

Closing time: 30June 2021(16:00)

Exhibits range

Well-known enterprises, key technologies and core products in the field of intelligent manufacturing;

Such as: industrial robots, high-end equipment, CNC machine tools, intelligent manufacturing overall solutions;

A. Machine tools, tools and machine tool accessories/metal cutting machine tools/metal forming machine tools/metal plate processing technology and equipment/metal pipe processing technology and equipment, special processing machinery equipment/special and special machine tools

B. Cutting tools, machine tool accessories, accessories, auxiliary materials, machine tool appliances, functional parts and components, abrasive tools, electric, pneumatic and mechanical hand tools, precision measurement technology and equipment

C, automatic control and power transmission/flexible manufacturing technology and equipment/CNC systems, embedded systems, servo systems

D. Industrial robot/frequency conversion and speed regulation, sensor, motor/programmable controller and related technologies

E. Electrical drive and control system/mechanical drive, hydraulic drive and air drive

F.Industrial Internet, industrial software, artificial intelligence, integrated circuit, Internet of things, 5G, etc

G,die processing technology and equipment, other automobile manufacturing technology and equipment

The audience group

1, the host unit issued by the relevant documents, reported to the provincial government departments concerned, to around the city, the engineering design and research institute and manufacturers, engineering machinery, engineering machinery, mechanical processing enterprises, scientific research institutions, etc., will invite the organizational unit leader, technical personnel, procurement staff to visit procurement.

2, mass media, professional magazines, portal websites at home and abroad more than 300 media, such as all-round promotion of the exhibition;

3, combined the national association of related, mutual promotion, distributing 500000 exhibition newspaper and invitation to the whole country and overseas areas;

4, with foreign institutions, embassy in China, such as cooperation, organizing overseas buyers to here to visit;

5, large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad, academic conferences, symposium to promote fair, extensive investment;

6, set up a "professional audience buyers' database, strengthen the visit to contact, expanding effective, high quality, professional audience organization work scope;

7, other related institutions: newspapers, magazines, TV, websites, foreign embassies and consulates in China and business organizations, etc.

China trade union exhibition purchaser facilitate department implements the tailored "one-to-one" service, understand each exhibitor quantity demand, professional audience goal set, for each exhibitor find buyers in time, to buyers and exhibitors to participate in the exhibition of demand, makes every effort to effect, make you satisfied.

8. Beijing international intelligent manufacturing equipment exhibition has entered into a strategic alliance with Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom intelligent manufacturing equipment exhibition to share resources and communicate with buyers.

echnical Exchange:

During the exhibition, the organizing committee will assist the exhibitors to hold technical exchange lectures in the meeting rooms of the exhibition center, the content of the lecture can be determined by the exhibitor. Number of the audience for each lecture is 60-80, which shall be invited by the exhibitor and co-organized by the organizing committee. The subject of the lecture, main content and the name of keynote speaker shall be reported to the committee before 28 April 2021 The number of lectures is limited, and such service will be terminated when all the lectures are booked. Duration of each lecture is 60 minutes and each will cost 30,000.00 CNY.



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