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15 Sep 2020

China's First Large-Scale Heavy Oil Thermal Recovery Development Platform Started Operation

15 Sep 2020  by World-Energy   

On September 15th, the reporter learned from China National Offshore Oil Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CNOOC") that the first large-scale heavy oil thermal recovery and development platform in China's sea-Luda 21-2 platform was successfully put into operation in Bohai on the 14th. It fills the technical gap of large-scale thermal recovery of heavy oil in my country's offshore oilfields, and marks a key step taken by the Chinese oil and gas industry in the development and exploitation of offshore heavy oil and extra-heavy oil.

The reporter learned that the Bohai Oilfield’s proven oil reserves of billions of tons, more than half are heavy oil, but the annual oil and gas output of more than 30 million tons per year, thermal production of heavy oil accounts for less than 1%. Converting heavy oil reserves into production is an important technology and resource guarantee for achieving high-quality development of China's offshore oil industry.

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