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27 Aug 2020

Chinese Companies Develop Europe's Largest Energy Storage Project into Cold Commissioning Stage

27 Aug 2020  by World-Energy   

On August 25, the largest energy storage project in Europe developed by China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd.—the British Mendi Battery Energy Storage Project began cold commissioning. This marked the project's entry into the final stage of development and is scheduled to be put into commercial operation by the end of the year.

The Mendi project is the first energy storage project built by a Chinese power company in a developed country. It is jointly funded by China Huaneng and Guoxin International, and is operated and managed by Huaneng Hong Kong. The project is located near Mendy Town, Wiltshire, England, with a planned installed capacity of 99.8 MW. The main equipment is manufactured and integrated by Chinese companies, using lithium iron phosphate and ternary lithium battery technology, and the domestic production rate exceeds 80%.

The Mendi project enters the cold state commissioning, that is, when the plant station is not connected to the power system, the appearance inspection of the electrical equipment in the subsystem, the wiring inspection, the short-circuit elimination, the test of the battery, the control panel, the battery container, the energy management system, and the change Streamer, etc., is expected to be completed on September 10. In order to ensure the health of the operators, strict epidemic prevention measures are adopted at the construction site, and closed construction, temperature measurement by special personnel, and regular disinfection are implemented. All staff wear masks and maintain a safe distance throughout the process. So far, no health, safety or environmental accidents have occurred in the Mendi project.

In recent years, with the rapid development of renewable energy in the UK, the intermittent and volatility of power output has led to an increasingly prominent imbalance in power supply and demand. After the completion of the Mendi battery energy storage project, it will mainly participate in the peak shaving and frequency modulation, fast frequency response, black start, capacity market and other services of the British power market, which will help improve the capacity of the British power grid to accept renewable energy and effectively improve the local power grid's peak response The elasticity of valley shocks improves the safety and stability of power system operation, creates jobs for the local area, and contributes tax revenue, which has good social and economic benefits.

It is reported that Huaneng Hong Kong Co., Ltd. is making every effort to promote the construction of the project, and at the same time, strive to build the Mendi project into a "premium project", that is, a boutique project of quality, technology, management, efficiency, and image. Through the construction of high-quality projects, the company will accumulate rich experience in energy storage project development, construction, management, operation and maintenance, cultivate an international and professional talent team, achieve high-quality development of overseas projects, and improve Huaneng’s ability to develop overseas energy storage projects. Establish an excellent international brand image.

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