22 Aug 2020

Zorlu Energy Acquires Two Geothermal Exploration Licenses in Agri, Turkey

22 Aug 2020  by Alexander Richter   
Turkish renewable energy player Zorlu Energy, founded in 1993 today has a balanced generation portfolio consisting of power plants in Turkey and abroad, an integrated structure that includes electricity generation, sales, trade and distribution and natural gas distribution. The company is one of the leading players within Turkey’s energy market.

As of today, the company’s has total installed capacity of 990 MW, 7 hydroelectric power plants in Turkey, one wind plant, four geothermal power plants and two natural gas plants. Abroad the company has one wind power plant in Pakistan and three natural gas power plants in Israel. On its website the company reports now having secured two geothermal exploration licences in Turkey.

“Zorlu Jeotermal Enerji Elektrik Üretim A.S., a 100% subsidiary of our company, was awarded by the Agri Special Provincial Administration for the geothermal resource exploration license areas for AR: 30 geothermal resource exploration license 175.000 TL + VAT and AR: 31 geothermal resource He accepted and committed to pay 155.000 TL + VAT for the exploration license and won the tender. The duration of the relevant exploration licenses is 3 years. “

87% of the installed power in Turkey’s Zorlu Energy, 62% of the total installed power is based on renewable energy sources.

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