20 Aug 2020

Air Liquide Renovates Hydrogen Station Located in Belgium

20 Aug 2020  by Molly Burgess   

Air Liquide has completed major renovations at its hydrogen refuelling station located in Zaventem, Belgium.

To meet customer needs the station has now been fitted with new filling curves, allowing the most recent hydrogen car to be filled in accordance with current regulations.

An infrared communication system has also been built into the fuel gun, so that the gas station can determine which vehicle is at the pump. The system communicates the contents of the tank, as well as the pressure and temperature in the tank.

“The cooling capacity of the gas station has also changed, explains Diederick Luijten, Vice-President Hydrogen Energy NWE & CIS Countries at Air Liquide.

“This allows us to fill vehicles with controlled cooled hydrogen, which speeds up the filling process. Finally, this technique also has the particularly of consuming much less electricity, which is better for the environment.”

In the coming weeks, the station will also be upgraded to be connected to the European Hydrogen Refuelling Station Availability System (E-HRS-AS), a European project that aims to improve the online visibility of hydrogen stations.”

“Hydrogen is gradually finding its place as an energy source for road traffic. That’s why we want our gas station to operate safely and reliably, and to provide the best user experience possible,” Luijten concluded.

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