31 Jul 2020

Laos: The First Unit of Selalong Hydropower Station is About to Generate Electricity

31 Jul 2020  by World-Energy   

On July 22, Power China Chengdu Engineering Corporation Limited was responsible for the design and complete set of electromechanical equipment for the first unit 1 of the Laos Salalong I Hydropower Station. The dynamic commissioning was completed, and the power generation conditions were met, waiting for instructions to enter 72-hour trial operation.

The Salalong I Hydropower Station is located in Savannakhet Province in central Laos. The project adopts dam-type development. The dam is a roller compacted concrete gravity dam with a maximum dam height of 67.5 meters. It is equipped with two vertical-axis Francis water wheels with a single unit capacity of 35 MW. The generator set is the first large-scale hydropower project in Savannakhet Province and is the backbone power supply for the southern Laos power grid.

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