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02 Aug 2019

Us to Renew Sanction Waivers for Five Iranian Nuclear Programmes for 90 Days

02 Aug 2019   

The United States would renew its key sanction waivers for five Iranian nuclear programmes for a total of 90 days, White House National Security Advisor John Bolton said on Wednesday.

"I think the idea here is we are watching those nuclear activities very, very closely," Bolton said in an interview with Fox Business, as cited by Sputnik News Agency. "So this is a short, 90-day extension."The extension allows Russia, China and European nations to continue civilian nuclear cooperation with the Iran-based facilities without incurring US sanctions. Notably, this would be the second such extension to the sanction waivers by the US.

Among the facilities to be included in the extended sanctions waivers are the Bushehr nuclear power plant, the Fordo enrichment facility and the Arak nuclear complex.

"These [sanctions] waivers can be revoked at any time, as developments with Iran warrant. But because of the Treasury Department's legitimate concerns, we've decided to extend them for now," a senior Trump administration official had said earlier in the day in an interview to the Washington Post.

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