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23 Jul 2020

CNOOC 21/2/16-3 Regional Development Project Put into Production

23 Jul 2020  by World-Energy   

CNOOC announced that the Luda 21-2/16-3 regional development project has been put into operation.

The Luda 21-2/16-3 oilfield regional development project is located in the Liaodong Bay area of the Bohai Sea, about 39 kilometers north of Luda 10-1 oil field, and about 90 kilometers northwest of Suizhong 36-1 land terminal. The average water depth of the oil field About 25 meters. The project will build a central platform, 3 wellhead platforms and a production auxiliary platform. 69 development wells are planned to be put into production. It is estimated that in 2022, a peak output of 26,500 barrels of crude oil per day will be achieved.

CNOOC has 100% interest in the regional development project of Luda 21-2/16-3 oil field.


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