07 Jul 2020

China: Huadian and Kohodo Group Signed a 100MW Photovoltaic Hydrogen Production Project

07 Jul 2020  by World-Energy   

On June 30, Huadian Weifang Power Generation and Kohodo Group held a hydrogen energy strategic cooperation signing ceremony to nurture hydrogen energy as a new growth pole for integrated energy services, speeding up the pace of transformation and upgrading.

Hydrogen energy is clean, efficient, and has a wide range of sources. It is an ideal medium for promoting the clean and efficient use of traditional energy and supporting the large-scale development of renewable energy. It is also the best choice for realizing large-scale and deep decarbonization in the field of transportation.

It is reported that the Weifang Binhai Photovoltaic 100,000-kilowatt power generation hydrogen production project jointly invested by the two companies is the first hydrogen production base project in Weifang.


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