07 Jul 2020

Potential Electric Truck Maker Plans UK Hydrogen Fuel Network

07 Jul 2020  by Gary Cutlack   

Electric transport startup Nikola -- you can see what it has done there and it's rather cringeworthy -- claims to be on the cusp of creating a hydrogen fuel network, and is saying it'll have an EU-wide network of 50 stations ready in time for the launch of some actual physical lorries by 2022 or so.

Nikola boss Trevor Milton says the sums make particular sense for hydrogen-powered electric vehicle adoption in the UK and EU, where traditional fuel taxes are vastly higher than the US, and a switch from diesel could see hydrogen fleets cut their fuel costs by as much as 40 per cent.

Milton is currently on the warpath against "sceptics and Tesla fans" who don't believe in hydrogen or that he'll come through on his promises to sell vehicles, and has invited a few of his loudest questioners -- including modern day online tech legend Marques Brownlee -- on a factory tour to see if the claims made of his company's hydrogen line match the current reality of the technology.

The haters are furious that despite not selling a single thing yet, the hydrogen fuelled carmaker of the future has gone public and sold shares in the US, with the markets currently valuing Nikola at £24bn; on the assumption or hope that one day it may do some or all of the things it promises.

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