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01 Jul 2020

2020 Wuhan Int' l Environmental Protection Industry Expo (WEPE 2020)

01 Jul 2020   
Time 2020-11-04 - 2020-11-06
Organizer Wuhan Howee Co., Ltd
Place Wuhan International Expo Center, China
Industry Energy Efficiency  
Tel 18571578173


Wuhan Society for Environmental Sciences

Asian Water Conservancy Enterprise Federation

Hubei Society of Hydropower Engineering (HSHE)

Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd.


Wuhan Howee Co., Ltd


Wuxi Gongyuan Environmental Technology Stock CO.,Ltd


Hangzhou Zhongmei ATT Pump Co., LTD

Jiangsu Yinyang Stainless Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction of WEPE 2020

Environmental protection, as a policy-driven industry, is a new growth point of the national economy, a strategic emerging industry that builds a win-win situation for the ecological environment and economic growth, and plays an important role in promoting China's economic transformation and upgrading. In recent years, the state has attached great importance to the environmental protection industry, and government departments at all levels have continuously increased environmental governance and environmental protection in accordance with the requirements of the Party Central Committee on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization. The development of China’s environmental protection industry has shown an unprecedented good trend and has become the current strategic gold industry for economic and social development. 2020 is the “13th Five-Year Plan” evaluation nodes for the evaluation of the quality of water, gas, three-year action plan for the Battle for Blue Sky, and domestic waste disposal facility construction planning. The environmental protection industry has ushered in a new era of improving quality and efficiency. It is predicted that in 2020, the total output value of China's environmental protection industry is nearly 10 trillion yuan, and the market prospect is promising.

In order to promote the exchange of advanced environmental protection technologies and products at home and abroad, and better promote the pollution prevention and environmental treatment of key industries, the “2020 Wuhan Int’l Environmental Protection Industry Expo (WEPE 2020)”, hosted by Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group on November 4-6, 2020 at Wuhan International Expo Center. This exhibition fully showcases new technologies, new equipment, and new products in the environmental protection industry, enhances the user experience, and builds an exchange platform for municipal, industrial, commercial, rural and other users, which integrates policy analysis, technical exchanges, and business negotiations, so as to promote the rapid development of the environmental protection industry.

Exhibition Scope

l Water environment treatment: water extraction, sewage/wastewater treatment, urban domestic sewage treatment, village and township sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, construction and upgrading of sewage plants, sludge treatment and disposal, heavy metal removal, materials and chemicals, reclaimed water reuse, etc.

l Atmospheric treatment: industrial smoke/dust/exhaust gas recovery and treatment, dust treatment, flue gas dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification, oil fume purification, ultra-low emission technology, flue gas heavy metal control, VOCs treatment, harmful gas protection, industrial dust removal and washing, etc.

l Solid waste treatment: garbage sorting and sorting, garbage collection and transportation, garbage bins, intelligent recycling machines and other types of garbage collection containers, garbage treatment and recycling, domestic garbage treatment, general industrial waste treatment, hazardous waste treatment, agriculture (rural) waste treatment, kitchen waste treatment, construction waste and medical waste treatment, complete technology and equipment for waste treatment, etc.

l Environmental monitoring: water/atmosphere/soil measurement/analysis/control technology, online detection and control, laboratory equipment, portable emergency monitoring, online monitoring, biological monitoring, remote sensing monitoring, Internet of Things instruments and technical intelligence platforms, etc., water quality monitoring system, gas monitoring system, radioactivity, noise, vibration, light, heat monitoring system, flue gas monitoring, dust monitoring and sampler, automobile exhaust gas analyzer, environmental emergency monitoring technology, equipment and materials.

l Soil and groundwater remediation: soil and groundwater collection, site, soil, groundwater remediation technology and equipment, site investigation and evaluation, project operation and management, remediation process monitoring and services; risk assessment of contaminated sites, farmland pollution remediation, petrochemical organic contaminated sites repair, repair of heavy metal contaminated sites such as smelting mines, complex contaminated sites, groundwater pollution, etc.

l Ecological restoration and protection: lake water pollution treatment and ecological restoration, river water pollution treatment and ecological restoration, urban black and smelly water body treatment and restoration; sponge city construction, urban ecosystem regulation, etc.

l Internet + green innovation: Internet +, Internet of Things, big data and green innovation combined technology, green ecological Internet industry solutions; smart gas, smart environmental protection, smart testing, smart water conservancy; clean production, energy-saving and water-saving, clean energy, efficient use of resources and energy; carbon cycle, storage and recycling; environmental labeling products, organic food, sustainable consumption, etc.

l Environmental services: regional and river basin comprehensive environmental services, PPP; environmental impact assessment, environmental planning, environmental pollution damage assessment, environmental management and other consulting services; pollution control facility operation management, environmental monitoring, etc., environmental protection service companies, engineering, construction units, key laboratories, scientific research institutions, governance units, new product technologies, new achievements transformation, etc.


Target Visitors

1. Government authorities : Development and Reform Commission, eco-environmental bureau, health bureau, urban construction bureau, planning bureau, municipal construction management committee, epidemic prevention station, animal husbandry bureau, landscaping, etc.;

2. Public utilities departments: environmental monitoring center (station), environmental monitoring team, radiation environmental monitoring station, solid waste center, municipal engineering unit, urban investment and urban construction, waste treatment plant (station), composting plant, waste power plant, environmental sanitation company, water supply company, sewage treatment plant, water affairs investment company, etc.;

3. Environmental protection engineering companies: general engineering contracting companies, environmental protection engineering companies, construction engineering companies, electromechanical installation companies, HVAC engineering companies, fire engineering companies, water supply and drainage engineering companies, water treatment engineering companies, and environmental service providers;

4. Industrial users: petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry, electricity, biology, pharmacy, electronics, coating, printing and dyeing, electroplating, surface treatment, slaughtering, breeding, sugar refining, food, beverage, winemaking, papermaking, steel, metallurgy, cement, glass , coal, mining, shipbuilding, equipment manufacturing, etc.;

5. Distribution traders: environmental protection/water treatment/pump valve industry manufacturers, distributors, agents, import and export trading companies, project investors, etc.;

6. Scientific research institutes: design institutes, scientific research institutes, environmental science institutes (institutions), universities, laboratories, associations, academics, etc.;

7. Terminal owners: urban construction owners, real estate developers, large catering companies, hotels, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, hospitals, schools, hotels, troops, parks, resorts, commercial buildings, construction, building materials , floor heating, engineering construction, equipment installation companies, decoration companies, etc.

8. Others: representatives from the commercial section of the embassy in China, overseas trade institutions in China, social organizations, banking and finance, venture capitalists, newspapers, magazines, television, Internet and other news media.

Concurrent Events

1. 2020 Environment Pollution Control Forum

2. 2020 Urban Water Environment Treatment Technology Forum

3. 2020 Soil and Underground Water Remediation Technologies Seminar

4. 2020 Air Pollution Control and Monitoring Technology Seminar

5. 2020 Solid Waste Resources Utilization and Disposal Technology Seminar

6. 2020 Waste Classification Recycle and Governance Innovation Forum

7. The 4th Wuhan International Water Technology Expo (WTE 2020)

8. The 4th Wuhan International Water Conservation & Hydro-power Expo (WCH 2020)

Event Promotion & Marketing

1. A professional publicity team Call Center to publicize exhibition news by various methods such as SMS, WeChat, etc., and with a large database of 500,000 entries to invite professional buyers;

2. Cooperating with more than 200 professional media and over 50 mass media to cover an overall report for the event;

3. E-mailing invitations to more than 500,000 visitors;

4. Sending the EDM on regular basis to about 500,000 target clients in the database;

5. Expanding publicity by social media or platforms, such as Weibo, QQ, twitter, facebook and other oversea social platforms;

6. Attending other industry exhibitions and hand out the visitor tickets;

7. Holding the promotion meeting three months early;

8. Organizing professional buyer groups by cooperating with industry associations, chambers, societies and other organizations;

9. Expanding publicity by mass media such as Hubei Television Station, Hu Bei Satellite TV, People's Daily, Hubei Daily, Chutian Metropolis Daily, Chutian Golden Newspaper, Wuhan Morning Post, Wuhan Evening News, Yangzi River Daily, China Economic News, etc.

10. Target ads on WeChat official accounts, Weibo, Google, Baidu, Douyin, and other new medias platform, etc.

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