17 Jun 2020

China's First 5G+ Hydrogen Fuel Electric Tractor Released

17 Jun 2020  by World-Energy   

On June 16, China's first 5G+ hydrogen fuel electric tractor officially launched by the China National Agricultural Machinery Equipment Innovation Center and the Luoyang Advanced Manufacturing Industry R&D Base of Tianjin High-end Equipment Research Institute of Tsinghua University was officially released.

In 2018, "Super Tractor I" won wide acclaim from all walks of life as soon as it appeared. The perfect combination of high face value and black technology has subverted people's traditional understanding of the tractor's mediocre appearance and heavy operation.

China's first 5G + hydrogen fuel electric tractor (ET504-H) is based on the "Super Tractor I", China's first 5G-based unmanned electric tractor powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

By strengthening the technological innovation of electrification, unmanned and networked agricultural machinery and equipment, and aiming at intelligent agricultural machinery with "information perception, quantitative decision-making, and precise investment", a new generation of agricultural machinery equipment open standard architecture will be built. Complying with the development trend of environmental protection of agricultural machinery, it aims to explore and develop the application of hydrogen energy to agricultural machinery and realize the leap development of China's agricultural machinery industry.

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